2015 Recap. Best Photos and Blog Posts

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2015 Recap. Best Photos and Blog Posts

The year of 2015 was an amazing year. I didn’t want to rush with publishing the recap because I was still going through all the best moments of 2015. Early in the year I became Sony Artisan of Imagery and my life changed. In February I launched Asilda Store and my life changed. I met Bellamy Hunt and got my M6 and my life changed. I had big dreams for the year that just ended and to be honest in many ways I didn’t expect to have such a year. Every December I make a list with goals and every year I review it quite frequently. I didn’t meet all my goals, some turned out to take much more effort than I could possibly achieve in 12 months. And that’s ok. No regrets here. I’m proud of my accomplishments in 2015 and below I’d like to shows you something that it I sort of gave birth to over the last year.

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I wanted to have a blog post published every week and I did. I made it to 53 in fact. I wish I got a more significant impact from so much written stuff. I try to give my all to every feature and make every review a quality one filled with quality images and good insights. Here is an index of everything I put together in 2015 and below I also included 2014 posts for a full overview.



2013 (just one post):

Custom SLR gear review: Glide Strap, C-Loop, Fotopro Monopod


I can definitely say that relationship building is the most important aspect of photography work, regardless of your specialty. I never considered myself a social person, but I really enjoy connecting with photographers and managers of various photo brands. I find it to be an interesting quest to get to the right person and make a connection. It really is a small world when you really think about it. There are maybe 40-50 companies that make something for us, photographers. Everyone who takes this business seriously cares about the reputation and looks at long-term partnerships. I was completely new to this world until two years ago. I was living in my own closed up environment working on my series and not interacting much with anyone. Starting to blog and becoming really active on Instagram changed things for me. Since then every day I get to chat with very interesting people, who are interested in what I do. It’s humbling and definitely gives extra motivation to create more, whether it’s images or something else. I’d like to thank everyone who’s reading this. Knowing that there will be people who read posts like this, not a camera or lens review but something even more personal, is a very good feeling. It feels like you matter and that it’s not all for nothing. A lot of people gave me a chance when I did see a reason why they should. It’s interesting to look back and see this more clearly.

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I recently put together a selection of my favorite shots as options for Sony CES 2016 Alpha display and I want to share them with you in a larger selection. Being so involved with the business side of a photo career, I sometimes feel like I’m not shooting as much as I wish. I also sometimes feel that I’m being distracted from creating art. Before that all I had was art. But nobody would look at it because nobody knew about me.

2015-apetukhova-dgr-ride-2015-losangeles-03173 ap-surfers-mb-06603 apetukhova-sony-sky-hdr-app-review-00236 cody-rodeo-062915-05890 fstop-gear-kashmir-camera-backpack-review-062615-04993 hb-surfers-101115-05413 hb-surfers-101115-05505 sm-beach-013115-01984 sm-beach-013115-02017 sm-beach-013115-02048 yellowstone-062815-02701 yellowstone-062815-05490 yellowstone-062815-05711 elements-mbeach-020715-02366 elements-mbeach-020715-02525 elements-mbeach-020715-02598 elements-mbeach-020715-02849

It’s really important for me to continue shooting great stuff and sharing it, regardless of which camera it was shot on. I get many letters from photographers saying that seeing my work and my cameras inspired then to get back to shooting. Somehow I became this symbol of reviving passions of other people and I’m proud of that. I made a decision to put stuff up because it’s what I want to show. I wish to continue going in that direction. I am typically stressed when I am shooting for someone else and there are outside expectations beyond just my own. I’ve been working on that over the last few years and I feel much more confident that I can take on assignments and deliver results with my own spin. I love showing black and white world and maybe it’s not an easy path to commercial success, but it’s the one that I deeply care about. So here is to 2016!

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