Meet Anastasia

A still and motion creator in Los Angeles

You’re about to see some moments of my life that are in stark contrast with my business education and professional career. I’ve always danced on this fine line of art and business and at different moments chose to go after one or the other.

Photography, and now video stories, have always been a very rewarding creative outlet for me. I shot travel, then surf, then nature, then ballet and motorcycle trips.

Today, I teach marketing, run my online store, and continue to shoot ballet and desert series in between.


A mix of California lifestyle and behind the scenes moments with artists and creators

I’ve always wanted to be in places that very few people have access to. It started with surf shaping and being able to spend 4-6 hours photographing how surfboards are being made.

Later ballet took my primary focus and I am in my 6th season with American Contemporary Ballet in Los Angeles capturing rehearsals and shows with the company.

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