Who is Asilda?

Russian born, California raised. World traveler with a tennis career that went not that far. A business person turned artist. The journey continues.

Early days

I come from a country that no longer exists. Raised around people with an immense desire to persevere all challenges, I took with me the grit of Russian people to California.


I always wanted to be my own boss. Studied entrepreneurship and thought I’d make a 30 under 30 list one day. In a few years, my goal turned to a new one with deeper meaning – become a US citizen one day.

Work Life

Professionally, I’ve been in marketing ever since college. I gave myself a year to fully focus on photography and that jumpstarted most of the photo series I still work on today.

Creative Life

They call it the kitchen – where the work happens before the meal is ready to be served. I look for kitchens in all kinds of places – surf shaping, motorcycle travel planning, ballet rehearsals and performances. I like to be on the side that nobody sees, that is until I capture and show it through my photos and motion work.