“The desert is so huge, and the horizon so distant, that they make a person feel small, and as if he should remain silent.”

– Paulo Coelho

The Western United States is surprisingly rich with sand dunes areas. While the most tourist spots are in New Mexico and Colorado (think The Great Sand Dunes National Park), there are plenty more spots in California and Oregon.

Ever been to Death Valley – see the sunset from Mesquite Sand Dunes. Heading back to LA? Stop at Dumont Dunes midday to see their silent glory and softness of the curves.

I became fascinated with how peaceful it feels when all you have around is sand and sky. The curves shaped by the wind and other elements create these breathtaking patterns and no one is like the other. This series will grow to include more dune spots around the world in the near future.

If looking at these shots makes you wonder about how sand dunes are formed, take a look at this short clip.

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