“My favorite color is neon anything.”

I fell in love with neon on a two-week journey on a Harley-Davidson traveling East to West on Route 66. To me, those broken and functioning neon signs were the artifacts that captured the spirit of those times when the American West was the land of opportunities.

Not many Americans would say this now, but take anyone in any country outside of the US, and West Coast is still a dreamland. It’s the place where you can realize anything you want with enough persistence, belief, hard work, luck, and an indestructible mental attitude towards upcoming success.

Sounds like too much for a photo series description? Honestly, that’s how it really started for me. Later I learned how glass bending works, visited the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, the MONA (Museum of Neon Art) in Los Angeles, and spent hours hunting around LA for the vintage neon signs.

Most shots in the series are from travels. If you ever have some time in Vegas or LA, I highly recommend adding a visit to neon museums to your schedule to learn more about this 110-year-old craft.

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